a new world is coming

our world is going through a radical transformation. our systems are crumbling, our institutions unreliable. an awakening is upon us.

to adapt to radical change, we need a radical alternative to traditional modes of mental health crisis management. we need community care that resists the colonial-capitalist reconfiguration of health into rigid binaries of mad/sane, sick/well, active/remission. 

as a crisis doula, i co-create a microcommunity with my clients, calling on ancestors, plantcestors, spirits, celestial bodies, and any other beings that might be helpful to our journey. i specialize in earth-shaking transitions, shepherding folks through valleys of death, & (metaphorically) sitting up through long nights of the soul.

my offerings are below. all services aside from tarot/oracle readings require a free 15 minute consultation prior to booking to ensure my compatibility with your goals. fill out this form to book. 

spirit guidance & crisis coaching

for those who are unsure of what they need, or who already know they need in-depth and ongoing assistance. after your initial consultation, we will pull your spirit up by the roots and examine it, working through the origin and resolution of this crisis/transition and employing healing and divination modalities as deemed appropriate for the situation.

$45-$85/hr sliding scale


tarot & oracle readings

tarot and oracle card readings

one-card pulls and extensive spreads with in-depth interpretation sessions.

$15/one card
$45-$85/hr sliding scale for an interpretation session


custom spellwork

custom spellwork

you tell me your goal, i create and perform a spell that gets you closer to it.